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Be the best.  

For your baby.

From Day One.

For some women, either first child or fifth, the first few weeks with a brand new person are completely overwhelming.  And for some moms, it's months before mommy and baby are really fully able to bond.  


Our view is that postpartum depression (ppd) is a serious thing.  In the cultural norms of our society, women are reluctant to say that they cry every day for the first four weeks of their child’s life.  But it happens!  And more often than you think.   We at The Placenta People are no strangers to depression or ppd.  So we make it our business to make sure other mothers are prepared and aware.  


And we’re here to provide tools and services to make sure you and your baby get the best start possible.

At the Placenta People, we are passionate about finding holistic alternatives to battle postpartum depression.  Our mission is to help new moms be at their best for their babies from day one.  Placenta dehydration & encapsulation is a great place to start.